003. When The Machines Went Dark.


Corset: Elsa Corset – Aisling
Collar: Neck Corset – Sugar
Boa: Feathery Boa – Conquest
Underwear: Bulge Panties – Sensations
Sleeves: Minako Armwarmers – R3volt
Socks: Garter Socks – Avi Candy
Shoes: Highrizer Wedges – High Rize
Pauldron: Gorged Pauldron – The Forge
Zoey – Catwa
Multi-Cross Necklace – Cute Poison
Rings: Celestial Rings – Izzie’s
Ring: Death Ring – Swallow
Claw: Lethal Talons – Cerburus Xing
Headchain: Heather Head Piece – Forever Young
Blindfold: Abandoned Chained – Kio
Belly Chain: Ari Belly Chain – Muka
Nipple Piercing: Nipple Cross – Artificial Hallucination
Lip Piercing: Against the Stream – Hebenon Vial

– fm.

003. When The Machines Went Dark.