057. Lord Of The Feast.



Mouth: The Gluttonous Void – Contraption
Hood: The Silent Raven Hood – Contraption
Antlers: Illuminated Capreolinae Antlers – Illusions
Fur: Fur Bolero – Coco
Chest Armor: The Rogue Chest Plate – Turb
Corset & Skirt: Hunter Set – Pixicat
Boots: Scythia Boots – Lab 737

Drape: Danae – Aisling
Drape Lining: Occult Jacket Tail – Ison
Scarf: Legend Scarf – Real Evil
Garter: The Dark Style Garter – Jambee
Gloves: Gauntlet – PFC
Collar: Hell’s Harbinger – CerberusXing
Thigh Armor: Drulla Thigh Guard – The Forge

– fm.

057. Lord Of The Feast.