058. Hastur The Unspeakable.


There is a whole secret cult of evil men (a man of your mystical erudition will understand me when I link them with Hastur and the Yellow Sign) devoted to the purpose of tracking them down and injuring them on behalf of the monstrous powers from other dimensions. β€” H. P. Lovecraft, “The Whisperer in Darkness”


Hood: Acolyte Hood – Glyph
Skirt: Elise Maxi Skirt – Just Because
Sleeves: Khal Sleeves – Peqe
Corset: Alexis Corset – Erratic

Necklace: Ancient Boglach Crystal Pendant – Eldritch
Halo: Deucalion Halo – Random Matter
Tentacles: Whimsey Pack 2 – Treasured Cove

– fm.

058. Hastur The Unspeakable.