079. Idol of Bitterness.


Their land also is full of idols; they worship the work of their own hands, that which their own fingers have made. — Isaiah 2.8, reflected in Isaiah 17.8.


Gloves: Buckle Gloves – Zenith @ Collabor88
Shirt: Wyatt Shirt – Krankhaus
Fur: Inu Daiyoukai Fur Mantle – Aii
Pants: Alena Leggings – Blueberry
Boots: Hoof Boots – Grollwerk
Halo: Verys Halo – Plastik

Hair: Sirena – TaketomiWEST
Tail: Stubby Tail – Soul thank you Elie ♥
Horns: Vullion Horns – Plastik
Crown: Fidem’s Crown – Violetility
Glasses: C-Bridge Pince-Nez – Contraption
Septum: Filigree Septum – CerberusXing
Collar: Charline Collar – Voluptas Virtualis
Rings: Aphrodite Rings – Swallow

– fm.

079. Idol of Bitterness.