080. Mask of the Father.


Collar: SA Collar Mk. 1 – Sole
Top: Mimi Top – Himedream @ Red Light District
Chest: SA Cuisses – Sole
Jacket: Plastic Bomber Jacket – Ison
Corset: Aglaya Latex Cyber Corset – A&Y
Bodysuit: Gravity – Graves
Legwarmers: Electra Cyber Legwarmers – A&Y
Shoes: Odette – Utopia Designs

Hair: Reach – Stealthic
Bindi: Gold Triangle Jewelry Set – Handverk
Jaw: Sentient Collar – Cureless
Septum Piercing: Spiked Septum – Yummy
Goggles: XEP Goggles – Tonktastic
Gloves: Deah – Real Evil
Face Strap: Abandoned – Kio Kio

– fm.

080. Mask of the Father.