083. Bloodrites.


I love this time of year! Happy Halloween everybody!
The lovely Fubby again. β™₯


Coat: Xing Coat – Hotdog & Contraption @ TMD
Corset: Diora Corset – Ascend
Gloves: Lolita Lace Cuffs – Sweet Thing
Pants: Aqua Leggings – Spirit
Boots: Cyber Stompers – Sweet Thing

Hair: Pages – Magika
Crown: Tristania Crown – Bauhaus Movement @ The Epiphany
Necklace: Ero-Sensei Necklace – Mandala
Glasses: C-Bridge Pince-nez – Contraption
Collar: Hell’s Harbinger – CerberusXing
Blood: Dripping Blood – Ga.eg @ Equal10

083. Bloodrites.