088. The Lion.



A late Valentine’s day picture! I was inspired by some of the old pulp fantasy novel illustrations of the 60s, and wanted to capture a bit of that feel.


Skirt & Stockings: Secret Admirer – Moon Elixir x MUSE @ Belle
Top: Rogue Archer Sleeve – The Forge
Jacket: Valhalla Bolero – Moon Elixir
Underwear: Jenna Shorts – Insanya
Glove: Hawkeye Gloves – Eliavah
Arm Armour: Osiris Armour – The Forge
Chest Armour: Berserk Chest Piece – The Forge
Boot Armour: Iron Clad – The Forge
Boots: Hoof Boots – Grollwerk

Hair: Demon Huntress – Tableau Vivant
Headdress: Eira Rose Headdress – Snowpaws
Mask: Iron Queen – PFC
Septum Piercing: Lotus – Yummy
Collar: Hell’s Harbinger – CerberusXing
Cuff: Cicely Cuff – Kibitz
Claws: Vulture Talons – Contraption
Waist Chains: Mini Disc Belly Chain – Punch

– fm.

088. The Lion.